"We develop versatility in every player. It's our mission to teach sound mental and physical skills that you can incorporate into your game."

- Coach Dr. Oliver Eslinger
2024 Elite Academy for high school players entering grades 9-12 ... August 24-25


Summer 2013

Doc's Caltech Basketball Academy

Take your game to the next level and learn from the program that just made history! This summer, Caltech men's basketball head coach Doc Eslinger will lead the Basketball Academy for boys entering grades 4–8, providing essential instruction that will enhance each player's performance in basketball. Registration is now open for two five-day sessions—June 17-21 and June 24-28. Players will receive:
  • coaching by Caltech staff and players
  • versatile skill instruction
  • mental game lessons and tips
  • collegiate-like drills
  • film breakdown sessions
  • special guest lecturers
  • college player demonstrations
  • academy competitions
  • daily and weekly awards
  • individual week-end evaluations
Only $300 per participant per week if signing up for both sessions! If you have trouble downloading the form, please send a message to: hoopitup <at> caltech <dot> edu and request the form via e-mail.

REGISTER and PAY (print forms and mail check):
    Print form & waiver / SEND CHECK (click here for form)